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Whatever your signage requirements or ideas, Speed Quality Signs will transform them into a reality with our state of the art facilities. If you are searching for a credible Santa Ana, Orange County, CA professional sign company, look no further: speak to us to about your next signage assignment. You will be stunned by our outstanding skill and keenness to detail.

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Welcome to Speed Quality Signs Inc

A business without a great sign may as well be invisible. In this day and age, it is not enough to simply put up a placard on the front door and wait for the customers to roll in. Instead, firms need signs that truly stand out from the visual noise and clutter. All different kinds of media and businesses are competing for the attention of consumers. When it comes to making a sign that is attention grabbing, and which successfully communicates the essence of your brand, it is critical to have a great sign company to help.


If you run a business in Orange County, CA, that sign company is Speed Quality Signs Inc. Our firm was established in 1999, and our specialty is designing and fabricating custom signs that put your business in the best possible light. We successfully provide a range of businesses and industries throughout Southern California with all of the services required to create a great sign, including design, fabrication, and installation.

Channel Letters

The sign you place on the front of your store or office does so much to define your brand.

Custom Signs

The quality of your sign will influence potential customers opinions about the quality of your products or services.

Directional Signs

Directional signs with clean design can add décor and make it easy for clients and visitors to find your facility.

Interior Signs

Interior signage is the key to communicating the essence of your business with your clients.

Exposed Neon Signs

Neon signs are custom electric signs lighted by long luminous gas discharge tubes that contain rarefied neon or other gases.

Lobby Signs

Will be able to give visitors an idea of your branding and company culture before they ever step foot into your office.

Monument Signs

Custom outdoor monument signs designed and fabricated with a wide range of textures.

Wood Sandblasted Sign

We manufacture are perfect for professional businesses and companies that operate in upscale or residential areas.

some of our projects

Our company employs some of the finest, most well trained designers and builders in the industry. The goal of our company is to put the artful beauty of aesthetic expertise in the service of your business and to match and exceed your expectations for top quality and competitive prices at every turn. If you run a business in Orange County, CA, make sure that your sign budget is working for you as hard as it can. Schedule a consultation with our qualified team and get a full list of the services that we provide.

Start getting noticed instead of ignored by calling Speed Quality Signs today. (714) 356-8893